Saturday, January 21, 2012

My First Mini-Room Tour

For some reason when I read other blogs my favorite posts are the ones that showcase the author's living and/or work space. Maybe it's my love of interior design or the fact that it seems to give a much more intimate look at the author, which makes you feel closer as a reader. I don't know about you, but I definitely prefer reading blogs that make me feel like the person I'm reading about is a close friend.

Now, most of the room tours I've seen the space is stunning and spotless and it gives you magnificent ideas on how to style your own bedroom/kitchen/office/shop. Well, since the purpose of my blog is to document my shop's progression I thought it reasonable to show how my storage space looks right now. I'm currently using our guest bedroom, which still houses a queen size bed, dresser, and all the knick-knacks I didn't have room for anywhere else. The nicest possible term I can think to describe the situation is Organized Chaos.

For storage, I'm using the headboard of a full sized bed frame we inherited from my husband's grandpa. The queen bed we inherited from my cousin, which used to be perfect for guests to crash on after a long night of partying. However, now it acts as a very large shelf where I pile everything I haven't had time to put away.  

The dresser was also inherited and matches the full sized bed frame. The drawers hold fabric and sewing stuff for crafting, garments and purses for the shop. When the top isn't covered with various knick-knacks I drape over the window curtains and it becomes my photography space. The small two-shelf bookcase sat empty and obstructing the doorway into the guest bedroom for a silly amount of time before I realized I could use it for storing shop items.

The hanging garment rolling rack was bought for a flea market last summer, up near my parents' place in the mountains, where I publicly showcased Giddy Canary for the first time. It was a total bust, but I had a great time merchandising my tent. The rack does come apart and can be stored in a small box, but I just love hanging up new purchases and gazing lovingly at the pretty details. Like this amazing aqua and sequin dress! I'm bummed I didn't find it in time to wear for New Years Eve.
The rack is currently blocking the closet, where I hang most of the garments and bags for the shop (along with my own collection of purses I cannot fit into my bedroom. Perhaps I have a problem with clutter?) The doors are painted a clean shade of white and have nice shutter like details, so they make a great backdrop for the photos of the clothing.

So there you have it, the current, embarrassing state of Giddy Canary. I'm a firm believer that creating an organized and serious work space is the first step towards success. I still have a lot of work to do, but I think just having access to this space is valuable to realizing my dream.

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